Why isn’t there a suppressor that does it all?

Avid hunter, gun enthusiast and businessman Jim Hood pondered the question as he sat in a tree stand hunting with his son. He had left his suppressor at home and had not re-zeroed his rifle without the suppressor on it.

No point of impact shift. Great decibel reduction. Minimal gas blowback. Works well across all platforms and calibers. Where’s the suppressor that does all of this?

Hood scoured the internet for the perfect suppressor to buy, but he soon realized it did not exist.

So, what did he do? Well, exactly what any redneck would do: if you can’t buy it, then build it.

Elevated Silence was started two and a half years ago, focusing on selling firearms, suppressors and accessories on top of offering gunsmithing, holster manufacturing and firearms refinishing services. But now, with this new product in the works, it’s changing gears to become the premier suppressor manufacturer in the nation.

The Evolution, which is set to be released for purchase on Dec. 1, looks to be the quietest, most effective and efficient suppressor on the market. In the course of testing, it reduced recoil considerably, had near net zero point of impact shift, minimized gas blowback and had a greater decibel reduction compared to other multi-caliber suppressors. When including the three caliber-specific muzzle brakes, it suppresses everything from 17 HMR to .300 Win Mag.

“There’s no reason a customer would want to buy a competitor’s product over ours,” said Hood. “You only have to purchase one suppressor, which means only one ATF approval process, one wait time and one tax stamp.”

The Evolution will be priced competitively alongside the market’s current range of suppressors, and as part of Elevated Silence’s dedication to giving back, a portion of the proceeds from each Evolution sold will be donated to The Gary Sinise Foundation.

The Gary Sinise Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families as well as those in need through unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen and build communities.

“I want Elevated Silence to be a company that inspires, gives back and emphasizes education,” said Hood. “There are so many misconceptions about guns and suppressors these days, and I want to change that mindset.”

Most of the public sees characters in movies using suppressors to commit crimes, but really, a suppressor is a necessary safety feature, protecting the hearing of all those around as well as the individual shooting.

According to a study of the criminal use of suppressors that was published in the Western Criminology Review, only 153 federal silencer/suppressor prosecutions were filed from 1995 to 2005, and of those 153, 80 percent were nonviolent, victimless crimes. Only two percent involved a firearm being discharged.

“I am passionate about helping out where I can,” said Hood. “That’s why I want Elevated Silence to be a company on the forefront of firearms technology and educating the public on firearms and firearms safety.”