In November of 2017 when God gave owner of Elevated Silence, Jim Hood, the idea for the EVOLUTION suppressor, he knew that Elevated Silence would need an engineer that specialized in that area to “fine tune” the details.

He researched several engineering firms and asked some close friends in the business who they would recommend.  Joe Bell, owner of Bell Precision Rifles, said he needed to talk to Kyle Grob out of Kennesaw, Georgia.

“I own several custom rifles that Joe has built me over the years,” said Jim. “And when he says ‘this is the guy you need to talk to,’ that’s the guy I call.”

Immediately, Jim picked up the phone and talked to Kyle.

“Right off the bat, I liked the guy,” said Jim.

Based on the recommendation from Joe and his gut feeling about Kyle, he and Jim agreed to meet at Kyle’s shop in Kennesaw to discuss what Jim wanted to build.

Just as expected, the meeting on February 1, 2018 went perfect. He agreed to engineer exactly what Jim wanted and get Elevated Silence through the prototype stage.  

During the then short relationship, Jim learned what Kyle had created for KGMade, purchasing a few items for themselves. On the evening of August 1 at a local watering hole in Kennesaw, Jim met with Kyle about the manufacturing of the Evolution.  

“We considered asking him if he would consider licensing us the Swarm but didn’t think he would do it,” said Jim. “The more I thought about it the more I wanted to license it as well as the EOSS & EOSTD.  The EOSXL was just a thought at this point, and he hadn’t made it yet.”

So out of the clear blue, they asked him the question. He was receptive to it, but he said he needed to think about it and discuss it with his wife.  

The next morning when Jim arrived at his shop, he said he would be willing to do that and thought it was a good idea.

In a nutshell, Jim had the idea for the Evolution, and he took it to Kyle Grob with KGMade to engineer and manufacture it.  And, Elevated Silence has the exclusive licensing agreement with Kyle and KGMade for the Swarm, EOSS, EOSTD and EOSXL to be sold under the Elevated Silence name.

“Kyle and his group are good people,” said Jim Hood. “And we look forward to a very long business relationship and even longer friendship.”