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The EOSTD .22LR is by far the most versatile drop in integral suppressor for the 10/22™ Takedown on the market today. With this integrally suppressed barrel upgrade, reliably keeps standard ammunition subsonic through its Patent Pending design. It not only has excellent decibel reduction, but it also has a much more pleasant low tone than others on the market. The EOSTD .22LR also does not need to be disassembled and cleaned like a traditional rimfire suppressor. Simply rotating the ultra-tough grade 9 titanium sleeve cleans off and breaks up the carbon buildup. The EOSTD .22LR can be fired thousands of times without requiring complete disassembly.

Starting life as a 416R Carpenter Stainless Micro groove match barrel, the EOSTD .22LR Baffle core is then machined directly into the barrel body itself. This eliminates concentricity issues that can lead to baffle strikes and unreliable performance.

This design reduces the effective barrel length down to 4.9” to keep standard bulk pack Supersonic ammunition Subsonic, by the time it leaves the barrel. Effectively yielding a dedicated subsonic package with little effect based on ammo.




– Simplistic design only composing of 3 parts
– No tools required to remove outer tube
– Drastic reduction in weight over factory barrel
– Patent Pending design keeps even High velocity (over 1250 fps) bulk pack ammo subsonic
– Direct barrel replacement for a 10/22™ Takedown, no machining or modification required (Must use a stock that will accommodate a .920” diameter barrel)
– Full Auto Rated


Caliber: .22LR
Length: 16.5”
Diameter: 0.920(Sleeve) – 0.875(Body)
Weight: 19oz
Full Auto:
Rifling: 1:16” 12 Lands 12 Grooves


Barrel and Core: 416 Stainless
Sleeve Grade: 9 – Titanium
Endcap Grade: 5 – Titanium


-Designed and engineered by Kyle Grob, Suppressor Engineer Extraordinaire
-The purchase price is for the integrally suppressed barrel only.
-This is registered as a Suppressor with the ATF, therefore all nfa laws, rules, and tax stamps apply. 

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