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While the suppressor industry has been evolving, a truly unique and revolutionary product hasn’t been produced, until now.  Combining the minds of Elevated Silence and engineer Kyle Grob, the first truly cross platform suppressor has been developed.  While other multi-caliber cans may be able to shoot different size rounds up to the aperture limit, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are efficient, accurate, or even practical for a variety of given host weapons.

The Evolution™ is the culmination of hundreds of hours of R&D, sound testing, accuracy testing, Point of Impact shift, and core optimization.

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The Evolution™ internal structure is like no other suppressor the market has ever seen.  One of the keys to the success of this system is the specifically designed muzzle brakes/mounts.  Three separate muzzle brakes are supplied to tailor fit the performance of the Evolution to the host weapon. These will provide the maximum amount of suppression per a given platform: 5.56/.224, .264/6.5 or 30 cal.

Utilizing multi chamber technology, the Evolution™ effectively redirects gas away from the bullet as it travels through the length of the suppressor. This in turn yields the absolute minimal effects on bullet trajectory and stability. Which in turn yields a consistently accurate suppressor over a myriad of calibers and weapons systems. To put it simply, the Evolution™ is a truly Cross Platform suppressor. It is a much at home on your 10” 5.56 CQB semi auto rifle as your 300 Win Mag bolt action sniper rifle and everything in between.

Evolution™ FEATURES

– near net zero POI (Point of Impact) shift
– Hearing safe at shooters ear on all applicable calibers and weapons platforms (Less than 140 DB)
– Zero degradation to host weapons accuracy across multiple calibers and operating systems
– Minimal back gassing (common with shooting suppressors on gas operated weapons)
– Light weight


Caliber: .17HMR to .300 Win Mag
Length: 8.25”
Diameter: 1.75″
Weight: 15.3oz
Full Auto:


Core grade: 5 – Titanium
Tube Grade: 9 – Titanium

-It is important to ensure the temp of the Evolution™ does NOT exceed 850 degrees Fahrenheit. Shooting more than 3 magazines full auto of .223/5.56 AND more than 2 magazines full auto of .308/7.62 x 39 would produce damage to the internal structure of your suppressor and could possibly reduce the effective lifespan as well as the efficiency of the system as a whole.

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