EVO Ti Series

The EVO Ti Series of suppressors are built for the user who values all things lightweight & appreciates advanced material, design, and construction. When ounces count, the titanium main tube and baffles make all EVO Ti models as light as possible. Super Slick99 coating is the invisible super-feature that keeps the suppressor’s internal parts from corrosion and gaining weight, from the nasty carbon build up. The Rhino Shell exterior coating keeps your cans looking good for years to come. When you want high performance and light weight, from small calibers to big bores, the EVO Ti series has you covered.

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  • EVO Ti .30 cal™ EVO Ti .30 cal™
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    EVO Ti .30 cal™

    The suppressor that started it all for Elevated Silence; originally called the Evolution®. The EVO Ti .30 cal is a true “Transcaliber™” suppressor, allowing you to run this suppressor on your 5.56, 6.5, or .30 cal gun. The EVO Ti ...
  • EVO Ti 556™ EVO Ti 556™
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    EVO Ti 556™

    Stupid Quiet! The EVO Ti 556 is a lightweight 556/.223 suppressor made entirely out of titanium. It’s light, quiet, and deliver more smiles per hour than a person can imagine! Mounts with our 5.56 shorty muzzle brake (1/2x28 TP). The Rhino Shell...
  • EVO Ti 9mm™ EVO Ti 9mm™
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    EVO Ti 9mm™

    Hollywood Quiet! The EVO Ti 9mm™ on your PCC or pistol will soon be your favorite combo to shoot. When paired with sub-sonic ammo, it’s the ultimate pistol round combo. Super Slick99 coating on the internal parts keep the can delivering peak...
  • EVO Ti .22 aka The Mute Button™ EVO Ti .22 aka The Mute Button™
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    EVO Ti .22 aka The Mute Button™

    For taking fun, seriously! The Mute Button™ is essential equipment for grins and giggles, while on the range. Like the latest generation of iPhones, the Mute Button™ is made of Titanium, which is incredibly lightweight and durable. The Super...
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  • EVO Ti .338™
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    EVO Ti .338™

    Shoot civilized! The big bore EVO Ti 338 will tame the unruliest rifle. You’ll always appreciate its lightweight titanium construction whether on a hunt, on the range, or shooting a match. The Rhino Shell exterior coating protects the main tube and...