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  • EVO Ti .30 cal™ EVO Ti .30 cal™
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    EVO Ti .30 cal™

    The suppressor that started it all for Elevated Silence; originally called the Evolution®. The EVO Ti .30 cal is a true “Transcaliber™” suppressor, allowing you to run this suppressor on your 5.56, 6.5, or .30 cal gun. The EVO Ti ...
  • EVO Ti 556™ EVO Ti 556™
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    EVO Ti 556™

    Stupid Quiet! The EVO Ti 556 is a lightweight 556/.223 suppressor made entirely out of titanium. It’s light, quiet, and deliver more smiles per hour than a person can imagine! Mounts with our 5.56 shorty muzzle brake (1/2x28 TP). The Rhino Shell...
  • DURA HD 556™ DURA HD 556™
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    DURA HD 556™

    Better ingredients better pizz… better SUPPRESSOR! The Elevated Silence DURA HD delivers the best combo of pleasing tone, low blowback pressure, all in a package that can withstand a lifetime of (ab)use. Rhino Shell coating protect your...
  • EVO Ti 9mm™ EVO Ti 9mm™
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    EVO Ti 9mm™

    Hollywood Quiet! The EVO Ti 9mm™ on your PCC or pistol will soon be your favorite combo to shoot. When paired with sub-sonic ammo, it’s the ultimate pistol round combo. Super Slick99 coating on the internal parts keep the can delivering peak...
  • EVO Ti .22 aka The Mute Button™ EVO Ti .22 aka The Mute Button™
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    EVO Ti .22 aka The Mute Button™

    For taking fun, seriously! The Mute Button™ is essential equipment for grins and giggles, while on the range. Like the latest generation of iPhones, the Mute Button™ is made of Titanium, which is incredibly lightweight and durable. The Super...
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  • Gateway .22™ Gateway .22™
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    Gateway .22™

    The grin maker! The Gateway .22™ is an essential ingredient for plinking (and grinning) with your favorite rimfire pistol or rifle. $200.00 tax stamp INCLUDED in the price when you buy through Silencer Shop. MSRP $449.00Shoots .22LR & .22 short...
  • EVO Ti .338™
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    EVO Ti .338™

    Shoot civilized! The big bore EVO Ti 338 will tame the unruliest rifle. You’ll always appreciate its lightweight titanium construction whether on a hunt, on the range, or shooting a match. The Rhino Shell exterior coating protects the main tube and...