Dura HD Series

DURA-bility & Heavy Duty use. The DURA HD series are built for those who prefer products built for the long haul and are engineered to take a beating. Lasting like an engine with 400K miles or a watch handed down through the generations, the DURA HD delivers maximum performance over the long haul. Material selection is geared towards DURA-bility. A pleasing tone, even on supersonic bullets, is achieved through advanced material and baffle design. Rhino Shell coating protect your can’s exterior and Super Slick99 coating keeps the suppressor from gaining weight from carbon buildup. 

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  • DURA HD 556™ DURA HD 556™
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    DURA HD 556™

    Better ingredients better pizz… better SUPPRESSOR! The Elevated Silence DURA HD delivers the best combo of pleasing tone, low blowback pressure, all in a package that can withstand a lifetime of (ab)use. Rhino Shell coating protect your...